Multidisciplinary artist working in drawing, collage painting, digital media and writing.

Lives and works in Regavim and Tel Aviv. Graduated from the Midrasha Faculty of Art, Israel in 1984, M.A. in Semiology of Art, Universite de Paris VIII, 1989. Senior Lecturer at the Academy of Arts and Social Science, ASA.

She has exhibited in 80 solo and group shows in museums and galleries in Israel and abroad.

From 1985 till 2005 she lived and worked in Paris. Selected awards include Wizo prize for young artist 1990, Prize for Excellency in Art Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, Arts Department 2005.

Her works figure in public and private collections in Europe, U.S.A, Canada and Israel. 

Her thematic deals with phenomena of  belonging and alienation, cultural heritage and language, borders and transitions, through images from science and nature combined with quotes from Art history.


Curriculum Vitae

Born in Tel Aviv

19862005 Lived and worked in Paris

Since 2005 Lives and works on  Kibbutz Regavim.

Studio on Regavim and Tel Aviv



1984 Art Teaching Diploma, Midrasha Faculty of Art, Israel

1989 M.A. in Fine Art,  Universite de Paris VIII

Senior Lecturer at the Arts and Society Academy, Netanya


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 "Research Wall", Grand Art Gallery of Contemporary Art, Haifa

2016 "Favorite works of Art as ready made" (with Dov Or Ner), Artist's House, Tel Aviv

2015 "Mapa", Artist's wall, Artspacetlv, Tel Aviv

2013-2014 "About Forgetting", Litvak Gallery, Tel Aviv

2012 "Equal - Different", Givat Haviva Gallery (with Rania Akel)

2011 "In Praise of the line", Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, Tel Aviv (installation)

20102011  “Transitory Terrain,” Tel Aviv Museum of Art (catalogue)

2008 “Molding Memory, Book Glue,” Danon Gallery, Tel Aviv

19972005 Ateliers de Père Lachaise, Paris (installations)

2003 “Crossing,” Gallery of the French Institute, Dresden, Germany

2002 “The Scent of Memory,” White Elephant Gallery, Paris

1999 “The Studio I Don't Have in Tel Aviv,” Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, Tel Aviv (installation)

         Galerie L'Archipel sur le lac, St. Martin du Lac, France (installation)

1998 “Mac 2000,” Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris

1997 “Reading Lines,“ Galerie Graph, Paris

1996 Espace Karen Gulden, Paris (installation)

1995 “From the Kernel to the Shell,” Third Eye Gallery, Kibbutz Hasolelim (installation)

         “Mac 2000,” Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris

1994 “Between White and White,” Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan (catalogue)

1993 St. Severin Art space, Paris

1992 Centre Culturel Bernard Lazarre, Paris

1992 Weiss Art space, Paris

1989 “1+1", Wrap Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

1987 Centre Culturel I. Jefroykin, Paris


Selected Group Exhibitions and Art Fairs

2019 Women Create Reality - , Artists House Rishon Lezion. Curators: Dvorah Morag and Anat Mandil

2018 "Landscape Painting", Artists' House, Tel Aviv

        "Work and Workers Rights", Transform Europe, Vienna, Austria. Curator: Shirly Meshulam

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ", Kiryat Hamelacha Gallery,     Tel Aviv

          "Tsunduku", University of Haifa Library.

2017 "Art Now - Interior / Exterior - Contemporary Israeli Artists", Danchov House,


         "White on White: From Malevich to Contemporary Art",  Mané-Katz Museum, Haifa

2016 "New horizon for New Horizons", Ein Harod Museum of Art

         "Fragile", ZDSLU Gallery, Lubliana, Slovenia

         "Women consciensness", Beit Gavriel gallery, Kineret

         "Artist's wall X9-texts", Artspacetlv, Tel Aviv

2015 "Summertime", Artspacetlv, Tel Aviv

         "Alph-Art", Sara Erman gallery, Tel Aviv

         "Maybe Monday, maybe Tuesday",  Artspacetlv, Tel Aviv

2014 "Trapped?", Artistic event at Kibbutz Gauiot 45, Tel Aviv

         "installations", Tova Osman Gallery at the Ramat Eliahu Gallery

2013-2014 "Visual Scripts", Wilfrid Israeli Museum

2012 "Silent Memories", Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, (catalogue)

2011  "Fresh Paint 4", Contemporary Art Fair Tel Aviv

2011, 2006 Office in Tel Aviv Gallery

2010 “Fresh Paint 3,” Contemporary Art Fair Tel Aviv, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery , Jaffa Port

2010 “Mirror  Mirror 3,” Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv

         “The Library,” Visual Art Department, Ministry of Education, Tel Aviv

2009 “Not necessarily feminine(?) ” Pyramida Gallery, Haifa (installation: To undo – To do)

         “ Tatoo of an eagle”  Danon Gallery, Tel Aviv

         “Fresh Paint 2,” Contemporary Art Fair Tel Aviv, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, The Station, Tel Aviv

2008 “Self-Portrait,” Department of Visual Arts, Ministry of Education, Tel Aviv

         Second Biennale of Illustration, Dvory Gallery, Croatia

2008, 2006 Danon Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007 “Desert Generation,“ Ha'kibbutz Israeli Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2006 Sculpture exhibition along the seaside promenade, Bat Yam

         Vitrina Gallery, Holon Academic Institute of Technology, Israel

2006, 2001 Gallery Office in Tel Aviv

2004 “Outside In,”  B.F.A.M.I fundraising exhibition for Tel Aviv Museum, Sotheby's Gallery, London (catalogue)

          Bundaberg Arts Center, Australia

2003 Galerie Am Tunnel, Luxembourg

         White Elephant Gallery, Paris

2003, 1998, 1997 Contemporary Art Fair, Dammarie-les-lys (Honorable Mention in 2003)

2002, 2000, 1999, 1997  Contemporary Art Fair  Grands et jeunes d'Áujourd'hui, Espace Eiffel-Branly and Espace Auteuil, Paris (catalogues)

2002, 2000 Galerie Claude Kelman, Espace Rachi, Paris

2001 21st Salon d'Automne, Ponteau-Combeau, France

2000 19th Contemporary Art Fair, Marne la vallée, France (installation)

          “Paris par le coeur,” Galerie Haut Pavé, Paris (catalogue)

1998 “Contemporary Israeli Art,“ Kultur Zentrum bei den  Minoriten, Graz, Austria

         Prints, Weiss Art Space, Paris

         Contemporary Art Fair, Marne la vallée, France 

1998, 1995 ,Mac 2000” Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (catalogues)

1997 Gallery Argenteuil, Waterloo, Belgium

         Cities and Megalopolises: Gazes, Science and Art,” C.N.R.S., Mairie du XVI arrondissement, Paris

         Salon de Mai, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris (catalogue)

1996 “Artists‘ Wishes 96,“  Espace Axa, Paris

        Third Eye Gallery, Kibbutz Hasolelim

        “Itineraries 96,“ Levallois Perret, France (catalogue)

1996, 1995 Salon de Montrouge, France

1995, 1994 Galerie Riddersweik, Stockholm

1995 Gallery of the Music and Dance Studio, Valley of Jezreel

1993 The 19th Lucie Faure Art Fair, Galerie de l’Assemblée Nationale, Paris

1991 Artists Association, Tel Aviv

         “Peace Border Line,” Givat Haviva Gallery



1990 Wizo prize for young artist

2003 Honorable Mention of the Jury of Contemporary Art Fair, Dammarie-les-lys, France

2005 Prize for Excellency in Art, Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, Arts and Sports Department



Jose Mograbi Collection, Menashe Kadishman Collection, Bank Leumi le-Israel Collection, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery Collection 

Private collections in France, Great Britain, United States, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Sweden and Israel.   



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